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Proceeds from every purchase  helps a dog in need.


Give a homeless dog a soft landing and spread love between dogs and people. 

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A Message from Alysa...


What You're Gonna Get In This Book

The Secret to Life

Life Hacks such as "Keep your nose clean and your paws dirty" and "Being mysterious is overrated" are waiting for you in this book. Your dog may not be the Dalai Lama...but then again, the dog park is not just a dog park.

Doggo pics to Love

All pictures in the book (and website) were taken in our two neighbourhood dog parks by professional photographer and dog lover, Diane Walton.  Her pics bring the book to another level of joy.  

Original Art

Under all the hacks you will see original artwork, created over the past year by yours truly (Alysa). Colourful, vibrant and full of love, they give the book another dimension of fun and engagement.

A Soft Landing

As you and your lucky, dog loving friends enjoy this book, you will know that the purchase is helping a  tireless organization give more homeless dogs a soft landing.  You will know you have spread more love in the world as the dogs and their new families find their way to each other.

Buy Books and spread love

How it Works

Awesome Stuff

Buy a fantastic book and beautiful cards for all the dog lovers in your life (and don't forget yourself). 

Awesome Choice

Right after you make your purchase, you will get an email asking you which rescue you want to support. If you don't have a preference, we will give it to Our Angel Foundation.

Awesome Love

The people who are out there every day putting their own money and much time into rescuing homeless dogs and giving them aa chance at loving homes will receive funds by January 1.

"I thank my dog everyday" 

This is what a friend of mine recently said about her rescue dog.  It got me thinking about Diana and how grateful I am to the rescue that brought her from the beach in Greece to our family.  They didn't have to do it. I know that the woman who does most of the work uses a lot of her own money to save the dogs. This is not uncommon.  It is truly a labour of love. Without their love, my dog wouldn't be here sitting beside me. Maybe your dog wouldn't be there either, or your friend's dog.  By buying books and cards for ourselves and for gifts, we can say "thank you" for the gift they have given to us.

Buy books and say "thank you"

Here is a Sneak Peak of the Book and the Card designs! 

Make it full screen so you can see better. 😎

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If enough folks tell me they are interested in books before December 10, I will do another run and hand deliver them in the GTA before December 25.  Please fill out this form and tell me how many books and packages of cards you want. I will send you instructions to pay and I will deliver your purchase to you. Thank you so much! Alysa and Diana

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If you have any questions about anything on this site or would like to talk with me about ways we can help more dogs together, please fill out the form.