Life Hack Heroes Unite!


Thank you for being here


 Together we can give a million homeless dogs a soft landing and spread love between dogs and people! 


A Message from Alysa...

I Can Be A Life Hack Hero!

As a Life Hack Hero, you can save more dogs by sharing the mission in 3 ways...

Grab a link

Write your own emails or social media posts and put the link to this site in there so the dog lovers in your life can buy gifts that will help us reach our goal of 1 million soft landings.

I Can Do This!

Grab the fb Posts and emails that I wrote for you! 

Swipe the posts and the emails and share with your community. Everyone knows someone who loves a dog. Think of all the money we can raise by spreading the word this easy way.

I Can Sooooo Do This!

Let me Mail You Some Pamphlets

I have been having the MOST FUN handing out pamphlets in the dog park and on my dog walks. It truly feels great to spread the word about this mission. Dog lovers either have rescues or know someone who does and they are usually very happy to get the info (and a great, feel good gift idea).

This Could Be Fun! Give me a Cape!

Wanna Get In Touch?

If you have any questions about anything on this site or would like to talk with me about ways we can help more dogs together, please fill out the form.


I'm not leaving without becoming a Life Hack Hero!